Top Brands Of Sonic Pest Control

In order to obtain the best type of sonic pest control you have to know which are considered to be the best. These different kinds of sonic pest controls are considered by many to be some of the best because of the way that they function and their ability to remove unwanted pests from your home.

Black & Decker EP1100

This type of sonic pest control is considered safe to use if you have any dogs, cats, or even fish inside of the home. It was designed to emit frequency noises that could reach far into the corners of some of the larger rooms in the home. It says that it is able to remove the pest from your home in only two weeks.

It is up to you to control the frequency sounds by following the instruction manual that comes with it. It is best to change this frequency every so often so that the pests do not become accustomed to it.

Royal Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

This repellent functions by changing up the frequency it emits on a constant basis. It is also safe to use around cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles. You will be able to plug it into an 120 V AC outlet. However, it does not have the ability to work outside of the home. It is a smaller device so you may need to plant a few around the home to remove all of the pests.

Sunbeam Ultrasonic SB200

This sonic pest control helps to remove rats, mice, ants, and spiders from the home. It is able to be plugged into an 100v wall outlet. What makes this device so unique is its ability to combine ultrasonic and electromagnetic forces in order to remove all of the pests as quickly as possible. It is childproof.

Dotcom I-Kitchen Sunbeam Ultrasonic SB310

This is one of the most convenient sonic pest control that is on the market today. Not only does it provide a way to remove pests from your home – but it also serves as a night light and digital clock. You can plug it into an 120 V AC outlet and watch as it removes mice, moth, rats, spider, and ants from your home.