Prevention Tips

In addition to installing a sonic pest control system in your yard and home. There are many other steps and safe guards that you can do to help keep unwanted pests like – rats, squirrels, and insects without the use of harmful poisons.

Pests have always been around and have always threaten our homes, yard, gardens, and crops. There has always been methods of treating the problem. Even before poisonous chemical pesticides were available. We suggests trying non-pesticides alternatives like – crop rotation and companion planting in your lawn and garden to stop invading pests.

Along with doing the above to keep pests out of your yard you can also cut down tree branches that are over or close to your move rodents like – squirrels and rats can jump up to three feet to reach your house from trees. Next keep bushes and plants trimmed down to prevent rodent nesting places.

Other than controlling the plant life near your home you will want to cover small spaces, cracks, and holes ΒΌ inch or larger that lead into your home like around the outside foundation. Mice and rats are known for their ability to enter in through even the smallest of openings.

Inside your home there are a few things you can do to make pest feel unwelcome. First cleanliness is paramount in pest control. If you have left over food laying around in a clutter dusty home then you will have bugs and rodents.

Keep your home clean and sanitary and it will be hard for bugs to hang out. Never have food kept out overnight, especially in your kitchen. Keep your food in plastic and metal containers and always have your waste containers covered. Lastly eliminate bug and rodent breading and nesting grounds like drawers, cardboard boxes, and shelves full of unwanted books and newspaper.