Pesticide Information

Dangerous pesticides are the reason many of us have turned to sonic pest control. Pesticides are poisons made to kill certain types of insects, pests, and rodents. But if these poisons are strong enough to have a negative affect on insects and small furry rodents how is it they have no effect on me and my pets.

The problems is it seems these pesticides do have a negative affect on humans, pets, and local wildlife. It also seems they don’t have much of a Pesticideproblem getting into are homes and then into are systems. Pesticides can get into are bodies through absorption into the skin, swallowed, and inhaled. Pesticides can be brought into your home on your close and on your pets.

At this point you may be thinking about the time you went to the super market and seen that pesticides on sale that say they are safe. Pesticides are not safe for anyone – bugs, animals, pets, and humans. The tests used to test the safety of the chemicals used to make these poisons are horribly insufficient.

In most cases the test are testing only one chemical at a time individually and with very limited testing. The problem is that the finished product itself and the inert or in-active chemicals aren’t tested for safety and these two are not safe at all.

It has been said by some researchers that harmful chemicals are starting to replace viruses and bacteria as a major health threat. In addition to replacing viruses and bacteria some of the diseases that are beginning to be seen this century have chemical origins.

Many of us also do not know – that there are almost sixteen million Americans that have pesticide sensitivity. I bet there aren’t any pesticide tests being done on pesticides to see if they are safe for them. Pesticides can also begin and continue diverse chemical sensitivities.